Housekeeping How-To


In my previous post, I mentioned my new how-to cards for chores. I thought I’d share them for those that are interested. This was not my original idea, but I tweaked the cards for our family. I hope they’re helpful to you.

Chore How-To Cards РI cut these out on the lines and laminated them. They are stored in a magnetic holder on the whiteboard along with our chore charts. Now all the kids know just what to do without being told or asking. What a tremendous idea!

Remember these are specific to my home, but hopefully the ideas will be helpful to you. As I make more, I’ll add to this post instead of making a new post. Check back periodically.

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  1. Hi, Christie:

    On your Clear the Table card, you mention using a damp cloth and v/w spray….what does “v/w” stand for? Maybe vinegar/water? Or maybe not, as I think that would smell a little funny….and my son, who likes the taste of full-strength vinegar, would be licking the table. (*Sigh*)

  2. Oooh – I like these! Thank you for sharing. Have you made more? I’d love to see some for cleaning bathrooms, laundry routines, etc. etc. Of course I could make some of my own, now that you’ve given me the idea and such great examples, but why duplicate effort if you have already done all the hard work of creating/formatting some? So I thought I’d ask first. : )

    • Thanks, Jen. If you click on the image, you will see more that you can print for bathrooms, the van, and more. I have a sheet posted by my washer with the routine, maybe I’ll make that my next post. I agree about wanting to copy others instead of duplicating effort! Blessings, Christie

  3. Thanks for the card idea. It’s nice to show the kids I’m not the only one that wants the house cleaned this think I’m a little overboard. I have three homeshoolers dirting the house all day long, we need to work together to get the job done. Thank you

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