Learning Geography in the Digital Age


Map drill is a deceptively simple idea. Give the kids a blank outline map. Ask them to label all that they know. Give them the names of one or two new places to add. Repeat next week. Homeschooling doesn’t get much simpler than this. Can this work to learn all 50 states or all of the countries of Europe? After doing it this way for a number of years, I can give a resounding YES. I’ve learned more geography through map drills than I ever knew before. Oh, and my kids are learning, too, which is sort of the point; I know.


Uncle Josh’s Outline Maps

This AMAZING ebay find for only $99. I’ll admit that I loved these maps when I was in school and I never thought I’d find one I could afford for our homeschool. Just goes to show that you never know what you’ll find if you keep your eyes open. My kids LOVE pulling it down and finding places, travel routes, etc. This map is great because it’s SO BIG that places are easy to see, but also because it rolls up so small and¬†out of the way!

Montessori Outlet Puzzles, Control Maps & Labels

Our new FAVORITE map drill resource…

The iPad 2 is an incredible resource for geography studies! We have many great apps and I’ll share our favorites with you. You can find them in the app store.

  • Google Earth
  • Stack the States by Dan Russell-Pinson
  • Stack the Countries by Dan Russell-Pinson
  • Shake the States by Third Chicken
  • Montessori Approach to Geography by Rantek (several available)
  • TapQuiz Maps by Rolzor
Do you have favorite resources for map drill?
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  1. I also loved those pull down maps in school! I would love to have one of those. We have zero space on our walls for a map so we put a large map on our dining room table and covered it with a clear plastic tablecloth. Whenever we need to look up a country or location (whether for school, for a missionary, from the news, etc.), it’s handy. We also talk about different places while we eat dinner. (To give credit, I got this idea from Teresa Youngblood).

    • Dee, that’s a great idea! It makes it easy to talk over places and learn more and have fun quizzing games. I knew RCHA had mamas with good ideas and I’m glad you’re sharing!

  2. That map is amazing! Thanks for sharing the apps. I love having our iPad as a homeschool resource. A good one I’ve found for composer study is Pandora. You can create personal radio stations that just play that composer. It makes for great background music for us right now. It will branch off to other similar composers if you are not specific with it however:) We had a great time today!!

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