Shaping Things Up in the New Year


Let’s face it, I need some new habits. Not resolutions, but habits. There are many things I need to work on, but this is my starting list. Sharing it with others makes me more accountable, so here goes.


I’ve become a couch potato or rather a desk chair potato over the last year and a half. I can sit for hours in the evening in front of my computer reading all sorts of interesting things, but I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING except reading. I’ve become out of shape and overweight and I HATE IT. So instead of complaining about it, I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to train to run in a 5K race in March. Did I mention that I’ve never run in my life other than playing as a kid? I need a kick in the pants and decided to give myself one. I found this Couch to 5K training plan and committed to doing it ALL THE WAY, but if I’m going to do this, I will need technological help because I can’t figure out how to check my watch every 1.5-2 minutes and really work hard. Enter the 5K Runner app from Today was day one of my C25K training and this app ROCKS! I survived the running portion which was a bit tough, but no where near as bad as the weather. It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G! Seriously, it was the coldest day we’ve had this winter and I didn’t dress properly in short sleeves, light knit pants and a fleece that let the wind blow right through me, but I DID IT without stopping! Yay for me.

I’m also committing to use my T-Tapp videos every week, preferably daily. I feel so much better after one session of T-Tapp. So why do I avoid something that makes me feel good?


I haven’t read a book in too long, preferring short articles online, but I think that reading this way could lead to a real form of ADD with my brain jumping around. Time to fix this problem, too. I’m going to start with Byzantium which my hubby asked me to read about a year ago.

I haven’t enjoyed my family as much as I should. I fall into perfectionist tendencies wanting to plan it all out (meaning ALL aspects of life) before I ever do anything. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s true. I’m deciding, again, to LIVE LIFE instead of always planning for it. It drives me nuts when everything isn’t just so, but I love this house full of kids and hubby, too and it’s really stupid to miss out on enjoying them to plan to enjoy them.


My time in the Word has been seriously neglected this year, coming in sporadic spurts. I need regular time with my Saviour. I let this priority fall way down on the list and I’m pushing it back to the top. What better way to start my day – TTapp, and C25K training while I I’m listening to worship music and scripture with the app.

Today’s music choice:

Newsboys - Adoration Worship Album

I’m also using the One Thousand Gifts app that goes along with the book by the same name. I loved the book last year and I love the app, too.

No, this isn’t all I need to work on, but it’s a good start. Once these habits are in place, I’ll add some more in true Charlotte Mason fashion.

Have a blessed New Year!

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  1. That is awesome you are training for a 5K! You are one of the most motivated people I know so I have no doubt you will be running all sorts of races by the end of the year. I’m with you when it comes to spending so much time planning you miss time with the family. I second quess myself to often and end up thinking myself in a corner trying to keep everything running and looking perfect. How quickly God humbles me when I get that way!!! Good luck training and thanks for the gift card! We are excited to listen to our new book!

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