Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool Room…


Charlotte Mason's Motto which we've adopted as our own. Note that this is usually full of Hoover's scribbles. Ikea's $15 easel, a birthday gift for Snugglebug.

I L.O.V.E. to organize. It’s a sickness really. Hubby can’t quite understand how I can organize and reorganize things as much as I sometimes do. Our homeschool room is a case in point. It has morphed so many, many, MANY times that it’s almost ridiculous. The problem is I never got it quite right, until now. I love it now. After this week’s makeover and even while the walls are still bare, I love this room.

I totally forgot to take the REAL before picture. Let’s just say it wasn’t very pretty..

Sorry for the washed out look, it was dark out and the flash didn't show the Harvest Gold walls very well. This is after my HUGE oak teacher's desk was removed from in front of the window, but with 3 children's desks, a table and LOTS OF MESS still there.

Progress. . .

New Cube Shelves are ready to go. The first one was a beast to put together, but the second was easy peasy. These are from Target and were quite cheap. They are mdf, which I really dislike, but they'll work for this purpose.

Getting Somewhere. Notice the kid's desks now in the living room. I've booted them out! They will move to our loft where the kids can do their own thing, apart from our school area. I want this area to stay as neat as possible. We do have pocket French Doors, which are lovely, to close off this room, but we rarely use them.

Don’t you just love the flowers by the desk, they were a clearance find at Target and are silk, of course. In case you didn’t know, my thumb isn’t exactly GREEN.

A Repurposed Desk from our guest room makes a wonderful Computer Workstation for the kiddos right in front of our lovely windows. Montessori Mobile's Place Value app on the ipad - a neat tool.

I think we need some bird feeders in the front garden beds. Doesn’t that seem like a good plan?

Looking Good. These are our wonderful solid wood bookcases. We've had these in place in the schoolroom for a few years, but the arrangement is so much nicer since I moved out everything that wasn't for our current year studies. The baby locks are to keep Hoover OUT of things! I know they aren't beautiful, but they are necessary.

You can just see a corner of our new fuzzy green and brown rug. I’ll have to take another picture that better illustrates just how wonderful this Target find is. The kids like just rolling around on it because it is so soft! It’s much lighter and prettier than the link shows.

Neatness is akin to order, but is not quite the same thing: it implies not only ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place,’ but everything in a suitable place, so as to produce a good effect; in fact, taste comes into play. (Charlotte Mason, Original Home Schooling Series, Vol. 1, p. 130).

Notice how the bookcases are now so pleasing to look at. I love the casual, but planned beauty of it.

Each of the three oldest has a shelf. Superstar with the blue bins, Horsey Girl with the green, and Snugglebug with the pink. The gray belong to Mama for now, but I'm sure Hoover will claim them in due time. Our Montessori cursive sandpaper letters are now out for regular use.

  • The magazine bins hold unsightly math curriculum, misc. journals and a variety of other items that aren’t so nice to have out in view all the time.
  • Our current books are on the lower shelves while our upcoming books are on the upper left shelf. The wooden vases were gifts from Hubby from his trip to Israel a few years back.
  • The middle shelf holds all of our reference books – dictionaries, thesaurus, science encyclopedia. That little cube is our Narration Cube, recently discussed on the SCM Forum. (My favorite online spot, btw.)
  • The top center shelf has the Picturesque Tale of Progress series which I plan to begin using soon.
  • The center left shelf is everything I need for our upcoming year of co-op – Shakespeare books and books for the Seasonal Adventures class I’m teaching for fours and fives.
  • The top right shelf holds our drawing journals and the basket has our picture study albums. The binders hold info. for fine arts study and our Rapid Recall Math Fact program all preserved in sheet protectors to save $$$. The kids use dry erase markers to do them each day.
  • You can even see our new trashcan in the corner. I know, who gets excited over a trash can, right? Well, I do, when it matches and HAS A LID to help keep Hoover out!

The new cubes with room to spare!

Mason jar storage for essentials - Math manipulatives, colored pencils, math dice, dry erase crayons, etc. I like this little set a lot.

Picture Study - Can you guess the artist? These frames are AWESOME and are by Dynamic Frames. You can easily open and add to the spring-loaded frame that will hold up to 50 pictures. We have these frames everywhere now. LOVE IT!

Our new nature table space. We've had a nature shelf for years, but this is SO much nicer because I can actually see what we have. Sea sponges from Dominica, birds' nest, dragonfly exoskeleton, etc.

I am looking forward to really making good use of this space. We just let our praying mantis, Ripstick, go free and our skink didn’t make it, but I’m sure some critter from the outdoors will live here soon.

Our Brock Magiscope sitting atop our Nature Calendar, just waiting for new entries. Today we saw a pair of the largest Great Blue Herons fly up our creek. Time to write that memory down.

Whiteboard for our All About Spelling Lessons

Blank walls

Now, I want hubby to make a long thin ledge for this wall to hold vintage looking prints, perhaps field guides or something along those lines. I would also like to have a large vinyl quote in the center of this wall, but I’m not sure what. Perhaps, Sursam Corda, or something fun, or inspiring, or . . . I’d love some ideas!

It’s your turn now, I’d love to see pictures of your homeschooling space.

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  1. Being an organizing junkie myself, I love how you have everything organized! Here is a link to our school room (which is not as pretty as yours, but we are thankful for the space!) :)http://teachthemdiligently-amanda.blogspot.com/p/our-curriculum.html

    • I’m going to put the motto – I am; I can; I ought; I will. above the windows. My dear friend, Brandie, is making the vinyl letters for me. She’s all set to make something big for the one wall whenever I can make up my mind about what I want. :) I’ve thought about a CM quote or perhaps “There is no frigate like a book” or … I’ll be sure to post when I decide.

  2. This is lovely! Your wonderful new space makes my organized little heart sing. :)

    Will you post a picture when your vinyl letters are all up? I’d like to see how it looks. I was all set to do get a quote up in our space last year, then didn’t because I just couldn’t make up my mind.

  3. I just found your blog today and found it funny that I have that same ikea easel in our newly redesigned schoolroom too. Oh and we have the same quote only the longer version.

    I am a child of God
    I ought to do His will
    I can do what He tells me
    And by His grace I will

    we recite this right after we do the pledge

    love your blog, will visit often

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments. Yes, we’re memorizing the longer version of our motto with scripture verses to boot, but it wouldn’t fin as easily on my easel or above my window. :)

    • All-About-Spelling is the simplest program available for teaching spelling with the Orton-Gillingham phonograms. I should know, I’ve tried them all, including one from Australia. Oh, I should have said, “I’m Christie and I’m a reformed curriculum junkie.”

      • Yes I can see how someone who has been homeschooling for a while could easily become a junkie, there is so much out there! So much of it looks appealing. We are using Turbo Reader(which we bought years ago and never used) and my daughter hates it. She dreads doing phonics. But it may be that she won’t like anything that well. Perhaps that will change when we start seeing some fruit. Oh and I’m Sara, first year homeschooler of a 5 and 9 year old.

      • Hi Sara, I should mention that it gets so much easier over time. I rarely buy something we don’t use now like I did in the beginning. Those first couple of years I wasted some money as I figured out how to best implement a CM education in our home. Nowadays, I simply know what works, for the most part. I would encourage you to stop with the Turbo Reader if your daughter hates it. Check out some other resources that might be a better fit for her or simply give her the gift of time and try again in a few months. It’s much better to have a child who loves books yet reads later than a child driven to dislike books and reading because it’s been a chore. Blessings, Christie

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